Well known Catering Co.in Kuwait is hiring

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Well known Catering Co.
in Kuwait is hiring

– Financial Controller
Qualification masters degree in
accounting or equivalent experience in
finance management. proficiency in
accounting software.

– Logistic Manager vehicles maintenance
& fleet scheduling
Qualification bachelor’s in business
administration, logistics, supply chain or
relevant field. Outstanding analytical,
problem-solving & organization abilities
excellent communication, written skills.

– Kitchen Manager
Qualification Bachelor degree in
Restaurant management or certification
from culinary school required.
Excellent Leadership
Menu Costing, excellent
communication skills
Experience Food & Beverage

– HR Officer
Minimum 5 years of relevant experience
in human resources. Additional training/
certification in payroll management
excellent verbal & written
communication skills.

– Catering Supervisor – Oil & Gas
Qualification minimum 5 years
experience knowledge of health &
hygiene legislation. health and safety
requirements in a catering capacity.
excellent verbal & written
communication skills.

– Cost Controller
Qualification Bachelor of commerce
or finance and accounting major.
5 years experience excellent
verbal written & verbal communication
skills. Able to effectively control the
food & beverage cost.

– Accountant
Qualification 5 years
experience. Bachelors degree in
accounting or related field
strong analytical, communication
and computer skills. understanding
of mathematics & accounting and
financial processes.

– Payroll Officer
Qualification 5 years experience
Bachelors degree in accounting
human resources a similar field.

– Ticketing Clerk
Qualification 5 years experience
provide service to client.
excellent verbal writtern,
communication skills.

– Butcher
Qualification education or food
preparation or meat cutting
experience ability to use hand tools
strong communication.

– Storekeeper
Qualification 5 years experience
must be organized and punctual
proficient in Microsoft Office.

Aged below 45
Fluent English & Computer for
Senior positions. Minimum 5 years
Experience in Catering field

Please send CVs w/ Educational/
Experience Certificate to
Email; recruitment@karamservices.com