Formed in the year 1978 by a group of progressive thinking Malayalees, Kerala Art Lovers Association, KALA KUWAIT, is a prominent socio-cultural, secular forum of the Indians in Kuwait. KALA takes up multifaceted endeavors ranging from charity programs to the promotion of art and culture among the Keralite community in Kuwait. KALA is the forerunner in responding to developments in the homeland and periodically organizing debates on educational and social issues.
In 1990 KALA launched the ‘Free Mathrubhasha Education Program’ by which, the name ‘KALA’ became synonymous with ‘Mathrubhasha’. In the year 2000, KALA started extending its social and charity activities to the home state, by constituting KALA TRUST in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. At present KALA has around 65 units across the state of Kuwait with thousands of active members. KALA welcomes all progressive thinking people to the organization, irrespective of for their religion, caste, creed and politics.