Balavedi Kuwait

  • Sub-Junior Category: Classes I -IV
  • Junior: Classes – V – VIII
  • Senior Category: Classes IX-XII

For sub Junior Category can make any poster related to the theme
Environmental protection

For junior and Senior category, the TOPIC (Theme) will be given before 15 minutes of the competition

Poster must be in related theme only

Language of the poster must be in English, Hindi or Malayalam

Poster can be made using pencil, crayon, watercolor, oil paint, poster color etc ..

It should be original, and hand made.

Paper will be provided by the organizing team.

The participants should bring their own materials

Participants are required to reach 30 minutes before the starting of competition.

Time limits 60 minutes.

Poster should not contain any personal details like Name, Class,
School etc. of the Participants.

The theme should be the focus of the poster.

Best three posters will be selected based on theme and show the
ability to inventive and
Creative in each category

Decision of jury will be considered final